Reporter's Guide to Pennsylvania Local Government

what you really need to know when they send you to a meeting


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The Pennsylvania Legislator’s Municipal Deskbook. Harrisburg, PA, The Pennsylvania Local Government Commission.

Citizen’s Guide to Pennsylvania Local Government, 9th ed. 2007.

Links to individual Pennsylvania local government sites from the Pennsylvania Local Government Commission:


FROM THE GOVERNOR’S CENTER FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES of the Department of Community and Economic Development, accessible through the newPA portal or individually as indicated:

Borough Council Handbook. 10th ed. June 2000.

Borough Mayors Manual. 15th ed. June 2003.

Citizen’s Guide to Pennsylvania Local Government, 9th ed. 2007.

City Government in Pennsylvania Handbook. 2nd ed. January 2002.

Fiscal Management Handbook. 9th ed. July 2003.

Home Rule in Pennsylvania. 7th ed. March 2003.

Manual for Municipal Secretaries. 5th ed. October 2004.

Municipal Authorities in Pennsylvania. 9th ed. August 2002.

Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. 19th ed. September 2009.

Planning Series No. 1: Local Land Use Controls in Pennsylvania. 4th ed. May 2001.

Planning Series No. 2: The Planning Commission. 10th ed. July 2006.

Planning Series No. 3: The Comprehensive Plan. 7th ed. August 2001.

Planning Series No. 4: Zoning. 9th ed. May 2003.

Planning Series No. 6: The Zoning Hearing Board. 10th ed. August 2001.

Planning Series No. 7: Special Exceptions, Conditional Uses and Variances. 8th ed. August 2001.

Planning Series No. 8: Subdivision and Land Development in Pennsylvania. 5th ed. June 2003.

Planning Series No. 9: The Zoning Officer. 12th ed. May 2008.

Solicitor’s Handbook. 3rd ed. April 2003.

Tax Collector’s Manual. 17th ed. April 2007.

Taxation Manual. 8th ed. October 2002.

Township Commissioner’s Handbook. 3rd ed. November 2005.

Township Supervisor’s Handbook. 11th ed. November 2005.


PUBLICATIONS OF THE PA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, Office of Press and Communications, available online through the PDE portal, or individually as indicated:

The Taxpayer Relief Act: Special Session Act 1 of 2006.

Education Funding in Pennsylvania.

School Construction and Facilities.

General Fund Budget.

Map of School Districts and Intermediate Units.

School Finance Information.



Kelsey, Timothy. Pennsylvania Local Taxes: Tax Reform Information. Penn State Local Tax Reform Education Project. University Park, PA. Penn State Cooperative Extension Service. 2007.

Which Taxes Do Pennsylvania’s Local Governments Use? Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. University Park, PA. Penn State University. 2000.



Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities.

Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association.

Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs.

Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.



Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators.

Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials.

Pennsylvania School Boards Association.


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